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Pirastro Viola Strings: Evah Pirazzi, Obligato, Passione, Olive, Flexocor, Permanent, Eudoxa, Gold Label Wondertone, Tonica,
Chorda, Chromcor
Thomastik-Infeld Viola Strings: Dominant,
Spirocore, Vision, Vision Solo, Superflexible,
Jargar Viola Strings
D'Addario Viola Strings: Helicore, Zyex, Kaplan,
Pro Arte
Prim Viola Strings
Warchal: Brilliant Vintage, Karneol
Violin/Viola Rosin
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Vision Viola Strings

We offer both the regular Vision and Vision Solo viola strings. Both sets are a low tension string. These are great for 'tight' violas that seem (for whatever reason), to have a tighter feel to the strings or if their viola doesn't respond well to the more common (Dominant, Spirocore) type strings. The Spirocores for instance, will be a little more downward pressure or tension. There's no right or wrong or better string, as much as the player's needs and the personality of the individual characteristics of that particular viola. Vision and Vision Solos are becoming more and more popular.

Additional note about Vision Solo D strings:  The default set ordinarily includes an chrome D string, but we also now offer an optional silver D as well.  What's the difference you ask?  A silver will have just a little more power and projection than the chrome D.  This is not always desirable on every viola, unless the player feels that the D string is lacking (with the chrome).


Vision Viola Set



Vision Viola A String



Vision Viola D String



Vision Viola G String



Vision Viola C String


VS-001 Vision Solo Set


VS-002 Vision Solo Viola A string


VS-003 Vision Solo Viola D string: (chrome) is the 'default' string that comes in the set.


VS-003B Vision Solo Viola D string, Silver


VS-004 Vision Solo Viola G string


VS-005 Vision Solo Viola C string


Manufacturer: Brands:
Combined Custom Sets for Viola You name it...we combine it!
Pirastro Viola Strings Evah Pirazzi, Passione, Obligato, Gold Label, Olive, Chorda, Eudoxa and Paranito and Tonica
Thomastik-Infeld Viola Strings Spirocore, (most popular are the C and G's!) Dominants,  Vision
Larsen Viola Strings Offered in light, medium, heavy gauge.
D'Addario Viola Strings Helicore, Kaplan and Prelude cello strings
Jargar Viola Strings Jargar Supremes, come in light, medium and heavy gauges.
Prim Offered in light, medium and orchestra heavy gauge.
Warchal Brilliant and Karneol  (These are new and getting popular.)

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