Save big on combining string sets: Combined Viola Strings
Pirastro Viola Strings: Evah Pirazzi, Obligato, Passione, Olive, Flexocor, Permanent, Eudoxa, Gold Label Wondertone, Tonica,
Chorda, Chromcor
Thomastik-Infeld Viola Strings: Dominant,
Spirocore, Vision, Vision Solo, Superflexible,
Jargar Viola Strings
D'Addario Viola Strings: Helicore, Zyex, Kaplan,
Pro Arte
Prim Viola Strings
Warchal: Brilliant Vintage, Karneol
Violin/Viola Rosin
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Viola Custom Combination Strings (and save money)

Because of the many variations of brands, combinations, sizes and gauge choices, each description here is linked to it's own purchase page where you can choose your strings the way you like them, keeping the same prices shown here.

Thomastik brands and combinations:
1 Spirocore Tungsten C, Silver G, Chrome D and Larsen A $119.00
2 Spirocore Tungsten C, Silver G, Chrome D and Jargar A $109.85
3 Spirocore Tungsten C, Silver G, Larsen D and A $125.55
4 Spirocore C,G, D (all Chrome) and Jargar A  $86.00
5 Dominant C &G Silver, D (Silver) and Larsen A string $108.50
6 Dominant C & G Silver, D Aluminum and Larsen A $104.25
7 Dominant C,G,D and Jargar A string $105.25
8 Vision C,G,D and Larsen A $98.35
9 Vision C,G,D and Jargar A $90.65
10 Vision Solo C,G,D and Larsen A $120.28
11 Vision Solo C,G,D and Jargar A $111.63
12 Peter Infeld (PI) C,G,D and Larsen A $138.50
13 Peter Infeld (PI) C,G,D and Jargar A $132.65
14 Peter Infeld C,G,D and Evah Pirazzi Gold A $139.00
Pirastro brands and combinations:
15 Evah Pirazzi C,G,D and Larsen A $122.00
16 Evah Pirazzi C,G,D and Jargar A $113.50
17 Evah Pirazzi Gold C,G,D and Larsen A $130.00
18 Evah Pirazzi Gold C,G,D and Jargar A $121.50
19 Obligato C,G,D with Larsen A $128.50
20 Obligato C,G,D with Jargar A $120.85
21 Olive C Stiff, G Stiff, D Stiff with Larsen A $242.00
22 Olive C Stiff, G Stiff, D Stiff with Jargar A $233.00
23 Olive non stiff G,C, D with Larsen A string $195.00
24 Olive non stiff G,C, D with Jargar A string $186.00
25 Passione C,G,D with Larsen A $130.85
26 Passione C,G,D with Jargar A $127.85
27 Permanent C,G,D with Larsen A $97.85
28 Permanent C,G,D with Jargar A $89.00
29 Helicore C,G,D and A Larsen $68.00

So many viola players like and prefer to interchange, substitute and combine their strings to suit their playing needs, the personality of their viola and their own individual pocket books. Sometimes when they buy a whole set (of a cheaper brand) you can do so much better by combing the C & G strings of one brand, and the A & D strings of another to get a premium 'set', the best possible combination of some of the cheaper strings. These days, with the advanced violin/viola string making technology, some sets are made to play together in tandem as a 'balanced' set. Unfortunately though, the viola is not always perfectly balanced (i.e....no computer technology) can adjust to each and every different personality in the cello and/or the player! This is why we combine sets. Certain brands of strings will totally suit or accommodate the special need or requirements you need on any given string. It can be a lot of trial and error, but it's fun to try different strings. Even just changing one string can slightly alter the way the rest of the viola will respond. Everything is a tradeoff!

Here you will not only see your usual 'set up' of string brands, but by packaging them together, will save you lots of money than if you selected them one by one in the shopping cart and of course, we will always have the very best prices here!

Manufacturer: Brands:
Combined Custom Sets for Viola You name it...we combine it!
Pirastro Viola Strings Evah Pirazzi, Passione, Obligato, Gold Label, Olive, Chorda, Eudoxa and Paranito and Tonica
Thomastik-Infeld Viola Strings Spirocore, (most popular are the C and G's!) Dominants,  Vision
Larsen Viola Strings Offered in light, medium, heavy gauge.
D'Addario Viola Strings Helicore, Kaplan and Prelude cello strings
Jargar Viola Strings Jargar Supremes, come in light, medium and heavy gauges.
Prim Offered in light, medium and orchestra heavy gauge.
Warchal Brilliant and Karneol  (These are new and getting popular.)

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